Yoga Strap - Adjustable Yoga Stretch Strap

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Support and deepen your yoga and stretching practice with our colourful variety of yoga straps. Each yoga stretch strap is 183cm long giving you plenty of support for a safe and elongated stretch. 

Using a Yoga Strap can help make your yoga practice a more meditative practice as you can work with your body without excessive effort.

The yoga stretch strap supports your body when it makes that extra effort to improve and evolve its practice, reaching positions you may have never thought possible!

Model: Yoga stretch band 2S10479
Material: Polyester-cotton blend
Length: 183cm/71.37''(approx)
Width: 3.8cm/1.48''(approx)


See if you can evolve your stretching with our range of colorful yoga straps.

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