Hemp Seeds (500g)

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Hemp seeds are packed with easy to digest protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, and Omega 3, 6, 9 all in the perfect ratio for optimum absorption and assimilation. Some of the key benefits of Hemp Seeds:

  • Rich in Micro-nutrients and essential fatty acids

  • Fuel a healthy immune system

  • Optimise Energy production

  • Improve cognitive functioning

  • Maintain and Assist Heart health

  • Improve Mental Wellbeing.

Hemp Seeds are growing in popularity as people realise how powerful their healing properties are. A quick google search will provide a plethora of scientific research on their many benefits.

These are Premium quality, 100% Australian hemp seeds grown in Spray-Free Tasmanian Farms.




Instructions for Use

Hemp seeds should not be heated as the omega oils have a very low smoke point and become volatile at high temperatures.

In Australia and New Zealand, it is currently illegal to sell these wonderful seeds as food. Until this changes, please acknowledge that we are selling hemp seeds in Australia for external use only.

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